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ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute)

TS 119 412-1


5.1.3 Natural person semantics identifier

The three initial characters shall have one of the following defined values:

  1. ) "PAS" for identification based on passport number.
  2. ) "IDC" for identification based on national identity card number.
  3. ) "PNO" for identification based on (national) personal number (national civic registration number).
  4. ) "TAX" for identification based on a personal tax reference number issued by a national tax authority. This value is deprecated. The value "TIN" should be used instead.
  5. ) "TIN" Tax Identification Number according to the European Commission - Tax and Customs Union ( Or
  6. ) Two characters according to local definition within the specified country and name registration authority, identifying a national scheme that is considered appropriate for national and European level, followed by the character ":" (colon).

Other initial character sequences are reserved for future amendments of the present document.

 EXAMPLES:   "PASSK-P3000180", "IDCBE-590082394654" and "EI:SE-200007292386

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