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Japani otti sähköiset henkilövarmenteet käyttöön 2016 tammikuussa Viron valtion avustamana. Maassa on länsimaisittain tarkasteltuna huomattavasti tiukempi lainsäädäntö yhteisöjen tekemästä henkilötietojen käsittelystä. [1]


Henkilötunnus (MyNumber, Individual Number) on 12-merkkinen tunnus [2] joka koostuu pelkistä numeroista[3].


Vuoden 2016 tammikuusta lähtien asukas voi anoa varmenteet sisältävää henkilökorttia paikallishallinnolta. Kortille on tallennettu neljä perustietoa: nimi, osoite, syntymäaika ja sukupuoli sekä valokuva sen pintaan. Kortin kääntöpuolella on henkilötunnus. Korttien suunniteltu voimassaoloaika olisi kymmenen vuotta yli 20 vuotiaille ja viisi vuotta sitä nuoremmille. [3]


  1. cas.go.jp 2015-10-23: The Social Security and Tax Number system However, beginning in January 2016, it will also be used in procedures with private businesses that have been approved by the Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications. Additionally, the electronic certificate will be needed to log into the "Disclosure System of Personal Information Cooperation Record," which will allow people to see how information containing their Individual Number is exchanged. For more information on this system, please see "Questions concerning the Disclosure System of Personal Information Cooperation Record." Viitattu: 2015-10-23
  2. japantimes.co.jp 2015-10-23: Prefectures begin mailing 12-digit My Number IDs About a dozen of Japan’s 47 prefectures began Friday to mail 12-digit identification numbers to residents in the country under the new My Number social security and tax number system. The government plans to send the numbers to all of the approximately 55 million households in Japan by the end of November before the numbers begin in January to be used for tax, social security and disaster fields. The numbers will be written on mailed paper cards, accompanied by written applications for personal ID cards to be issued as requested by residents from January.The My Number law took effect in early October to allocate 12-digit identification numbers to everybody with resident registry in Japan, including foreign nationals, to enable tax and other authorities to discover tax evasion and wrongful receipt of welfare benefits more easily while simplifying administrative procedures for residents. Viitattu: 2015-10-23
  3. 3,0 3,1 cas.go.jp 2015-10-23: The Social Security and Tax Number system Additionally, beginning in January 2016, you will be able to apply to your municipality to receive an "Individual Number Card." This card will also bear your Individual Number. They will have the bearer's name, address, date of birth, and sex (known as the "four basic information items") as well as an ID photograph on the front, and the Individual Number on the back. A 3-8 We are studying a plan that would make the cards valid for 10 years for people aged 20 years or older and 5 years for people aged less than 20 years. Viitattu: 2015-10-23