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Nordea Pay on pikasiirtosovellus mobiililaitteille ja alkuvaiheessa tarjolla vain Google Android laitteisiin. 13. lokakuuta 2016 Nordea ilmoitti liittyvänsä Dansken MobilePay järjestelmään[1].


  1. 2016-10-13 Nordea joins MobilePay A new partnership model for MobilePay will give private users and businesses an even more innovative, efficient and user-friendly mobile payment platform. Danske Bank is opening the platform for all interested Nordic banks, and the largest Nordic bank, Nordea, has decided to join in Denmark and Norway. Nordea has decided to join a partnership on MobilePay in Denmark and Norway. The aim is to make sure that private users and businesses in Norway and Denmark have a widely used, user-friendly mobile payment platform that is subject to constant innovation. Danske Bank is also inviting all interested Danish, Norwegian and Finnish banks to participate in the MobilePay partnership. Viitattu: 2016-10-25